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City of Port Washington, Wisconsin

City of Port Washington Department of Planning & Development - Land Use


The City of Port Washington is updating its Future Land Use Map (the Map) - a component of its Comprehensive Plan. The City will use the Map as a "big picture" to guide land use and development decisions by identifying preferred uses in specific locations with desired design components. The goal of the Plan is that such decisions, hopefully, reflect the city's vision, build upon its strengths, and diminish its weakness.

The significance of the Map is varied but is used most often by municipalities when making zoning and other development decisions as State law emphasizes such decisions should be consistent with a local Comprehensive and/or land use plan.

The Map is not just a City document. Property owners and residents provide input on the Map and may use it to understand the future potential and character in their neighborhoods and community. Developers may use it to understand where the City intends to direct growth and make investment decisions. In short, land use planning seeks to provide a predictable system under which decisions by various stakeholders can be made with a common vision in mind.

Public Review and Input

Below are links to view the Rough Draft Map and its accompanying document containing vision statements and general policy recommendations. (The current land use plan is also available). After reviewing these documents, please feel free to provide your thoughts either through the survey link, a direct email, or both.

Rough Draft Future Land Use Map
Draft Future Land Use Map (GIS Version)
Rough Draft Future Land Use Document
Updated Plan and Document following Plan Commission review
2008 Future Land Use
Email and Contact Link: rharris@cpwwi.org

Next Steps and Anticipated Schedule

Following approval of a Public Participation Plan, stakeholder interviews, periodic public updates during 2020 and early 2021, the tentative schedule for finishing and approving the Map and accompanying text document is:

  • May: Post on website the Draft Map and text for public input for at least 30 days
  • June: Revise map and text as needed and post in Final Draft format for public review
  • September 16: Plan Commission
  • November 2 : Public Hearing and Common Council Action


City of Port Washington Contact Us

Director of Department of Planning & Development
Bob Harris
100 W. Grand Ave., P.O. Box 307
Port Washington, WI 53074

Administrative Assistant
Judy Klumb
100 W. Grand Ave., P.O. Box 307
Port Washington, WI 53074





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