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City of Port Washington, Wisconsin

City of Port Washington Department of Building Inspection

New Permit Fees

Effective 02/26/2021 some Building Inspection fees and forms have changed. To view and print out the current fees and forms please click on the applicable topic in the column on the right side of the page.

Residents Affected By Flooding

Electrical equipment exposed to water can be extremely hazardous. Water and other contaminants cause corrosion in electrical devices which can spread slowly and is not immediately apparent. It is recommended that all electrical equipment and wiring exposed to flood water be replaced by a licensed electrician. For more information please see "Evaluating Water-Damaged Electrical Equipment" by the National Electrical Manufacturers Association and "Floods and Electrical" by the Underwriters Laboratory. If you have any questions please call the Building Inspection Department at (262) 268-4277.

Thinking Of Remodeling Or Building?

Why do Permits protect my home? Permits ensure that a certified building inspector inspects the construction project or installation. Inspections help make sure work is done safely and to code. When a city inspector approves work, you can ask questions from an expert and know that the work has been checked for safety violations. This is of particular value to the do-it-yourselfer who doesn't make installations every day. Incorrect installations can result in house fires, flood damage, and/or structural problems.

Protect Yourself!

Here's what homeowners can do to protect themselves: Insist on permits! It simply doesn't pay to cut corners when it comes to your biggest financial asset - your home.

For the  homeowner or  residential  contractor this  site is  intended  to provide a  starting  place  for information  and  answers  to  questions  such  as, do I need a permit or what will  the permit cost? Additionally you will find information on common  residential  construction  projects and zoning concerns.  Please see the Resources section to the right for more information.

For  the  commercial  contractor  or  property owner we have made  available information on permit requirements,  fees, and  forms  as  well  as links to various construction and zoning codes.

Contact Us

Don't assume or guess, call the Inspection Department if you have any questions.

Department of Building Inspection
100 W. Grand Ave., P.O. Box 307
Port Washington, WI 53074

Phone Number

Fax Number

7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Building Inspector
Gary Peterson

Administrative Assistant
Mary Quentin


City of Port Washington permit forms

Residential 1 & 2 Family Building Permit

Building Permit Cautionary Statement

Commercial Building Permit

Electric Permit Form

Heating & A/C Permit Form

Plumbing Permit Form

Water Meter Permit Form

Sprinkler Permit Form & Submittal Process

Sign Permit Form

Change Of Occupancy Form

New Home-Wisconsin Uniform Building Permit Application

Demolition Packet

Street Opening Permit Form

City of Port Washington resources

Do I Need A Permit?




   Detached Garages


Residential Permit Fees

Commercial Permit Fees

New Residential Home Fees

Design Standards For 1 & 2 Family Dwellings

Zoning Code

Zoning Code Chapter 29 - Signs

Municipal Building Codes

WI Uniform Building Code

WI Uniform Dwelling Code SPS 320-325

WI Commercial Code SPS 360-366

2018 City of Port Washington Housing Fee Report



City of Port Washington, Wisconsin Official You Tube Channel