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City of Port Washington, Wisconsin

City of Port Washington Event Application (Permits & Park Reservations)

Planning An Event

The information provided below will help guide you through your event planning process for the City of Port Washington. Links to the appropriate application forms are provided below in blue.

Please note: To ensure that your event application is successfully processed in time to hold your event, please ensure that all forms are thoroughly and accurately completed and submitted to the appropriate departments not less than 60 days and not more than one year before the date of your planned event. Any delays may result in your event not being approved in time, per City ordinances or state statutes, therefore not allowing your event to occur. No dates are guaranteed until the authorized City officials issue permits. You should refrain from advertising your event until all permits are issued.

  1. Is your event public or private?
    A public event is held on City property such as in a City park and/or on City streets, and includes attendance and participation of the public, and often the selling, serving or consumption of products.
    A private event may be a wedding, graduation party, family reunion, etc., where the general public is not invited to attend.
  2. Will your event be a public event?
    If yes, review the Event Application Manual and submit the Event Permit Application along with a current Certificate of Liability Insurance, with the limits spelled out in the Event Insurance Requirements section, is needed for all events that are open to the public. This application must be fully and accurately completed and submitted no later than 60 days before your event. If your event plans to use a city park facility, you will need to complete Step 3.
  3. Do you want to hold your event in one of Port Washington's City parks?
    • Whether a private event or public event, a Park Reservation Request must be completed and approved.
    • To determine which park facility is available, review the Park Facility Rental Calendar
    • Once you've selected your preferred event date and location, please contact Port Washington Parks & Recreation Department - 262-284-5881
  4. Will Beer or Wine be sold at your event?
    If yes, state laws require that a Temporary Class B (beer) and/or (wine) License be granted. All beer and wine products to be sold at the event must be purchased from a WI licensed Wholesale Distributor (no retail purchases from local/area stores).
  5. Will there be a cooking tent used at your event?
    If yes, review the regulations below and complete the Cook Tent Requirements form. The form must be approved by the Port Washington Fire Chief.
  6. Will there be fireworks at your event?
    If yes, a User's Permit to Possess, Use and Display Fireworks, and a current Certificate of Liability Insurance, with the limits spelled out in the Event Insurance Requirements section, is needed.
Questions about the Event Permit Application or Temporary Class B Beer/Wine License Application process may be addressed to:

Susan Westerbeke, City Clerk
Telephone: 262-284-5585
Email: swesterbeke@cpwwi.org


City of Port Washington downloadable files

Event Application Manual

Event Permit Application

Temporary Class B/Class B Retailer's License (Special Events) Application

Cook Tent Requirements

User's Permit To Possess, Use and Display Fireworks

Park Rental Information

Park Facility Rental Calendar

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