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City of Port Washington, Wisconsin

City of Port Washington Environmental Planning

City of Port Washington Environmental Planning Committee - Rain Barrel Art Auction
City of Port Washington - Green Business Program
City of Port Washington - Environmental Planning Committee - Composting Initiative
City of Port Washington - Environmental Planning Committee

Seeking Partners/Sponsors
Environmental Planning Partner logoEnvironmental Partners Needed: the City is now accepting sponsorships for our Environmental Planning Committee. Our Committee operates with NO tax dollars! The success of the sustainability initiatives in our community are directly related to the participation of our valued businesses and residents. In appreciation of your support, we are offering partnership benefits that will help advertise and market your business/cause for its contribution to our Committee. The partnership letter outlines the various sponsorship categories and the benefits that accompany them. The levels include highly visible banner opportunities, active business link on the City website, business logo in the City newsletter, and a sticker for your business window showing your support for a better Port Washington. Click here for more information on Sponsorship.

Below are a few examples of projects our Committee has accomplished to date:

  • Achieved Bird City designation by Bird City Wisconsin
  • Established a sister city relationship with Sassnitz, Germany
  • Partially funded two summer interns in partnership with UW-Green Bay
  • Purchased real-time Lake Michigan wave monitoring components for INFOS
  • Conducted Earth Day composting outreach at Dunwiddie Elementary School
  • Hosted Green Tier Legacy Communities annual meeting
  • Created educational signs at prairie restoration sites

What Is The Environmental Planning Committee?
The City of Port Washington prides itself on its progress toward environmental sustainability. The City is built on fertile soil, is home to beautiful flora and fauna, and is positioned right on picturesque Lake Michigan. Naturally, the protection of and reverence for these features is very important to Port Washington.

The Port Washington Environmental Planning Committee brings together individuals from many different backgrounds to pursue a common goal: to promote and practice environmental sustainability in all endeavors. New programs, events, and initiatives are being put into motion regularly by the dedicated and passionate Committee members.

Join us in making Port Washington a sustainable city. Links to informative resources are provided to help community members, businesses, and organizations learn about and implement environmental sustainability in their daily operations. Furthermore, this webpage makes it easy and convenient to stay up-to-date on the Environmental Planning Committee's efforts.

Residents, businesses, and organizations are encouraged to become involved with the Committee's mission, and to offer thoughts and suggestions of how to keep moving the City of Port Washington toward its goal. Ultimately, the Committee depends upon you to help make Port Washington's environmental sustainability mission successful!



The Environmental Planning Committee's mission is to advance policies that will foster environmental, economic, and social sustainability by identifying and promoting the most efficient and responsible stewardship of our resources. The Committee aims to nurture a culture of sustainability in which a balanced approach to best management practices along with smart growth and education engages and leads our city towards an environmentally enhanced future.



Learn About Wisconsin's Environmental Issues

Become Sustainable


Rob Vanden Noven Lisa Rathke
Anthony Young Adele Richert
Dave Larson Derek Strohl
Ryan Wallin Linnea Esberg
Tom Mlada Denis Pohlman
Freda Vanden Broek Steve Mulligan
Eric Ryer Shawn Graff
Howard Lewis Jeff Maxon
Joey Burke Jon Crain
Melet Gibson  

City of Port Washington, Wisconsin Economic Development Committee

Ted Neitzke IV

Phone: 262-483-3997

Rob Vanden Noven
City Engineer

Phone: 262-284-2600


City of Port Washington, Wisconsin Economic Development Committee

City of Port Washington Green Tier Legacy Communities Program


City of Port Washington, Wisconsin Economic Development Committee

Port Washington...

  • Has been a Green Tier Legacy Community since 2014

  • Has been a member of Tree City USA since 1995

  • Has been a member of Bird City Wisconsin since 2013

  • Was one of Wisconsin's first certified Clean Marinas

  • Municipality is Green Business Certified

  • Boasts over 14 acres of City-owned park land for every 1,000 residents

  • Contains a portion of the Ozaukee Interurban Trail, a bike trail that follows the former interurban rail line

  • Has an Adopt-a-Park-Garden program to encourage hands-on environmental interaction

  • Water treatment plant can process up to two million gallons of water per day




City of Port Washington, Wisconsin Official You Tube Channel